Raymond and Gabriel are two boys surviving on the violent city streets through the strength of their friendship. Then suddenly one day their destinies are altered by a tragic event and a wrong choice — one boy is given a second chance and the other is given a prison sentence.  They grow to adults as end products of their experiences – Raymond, sent to prison, grows into a hardened criminal while Gabriel, given the second chance, becomes a war hero. 

Raymond is embittered and angry, scarred by the brutality of prison and hardened by the experiences.  Gabriel is also scarred and embittered, but his wounds come from witnessing the horrors of war, from Bosnia to Iraq, and man’s inhumanity to man.  Now both freed from their obligations, they are back in the neighborhood where they grew up and they are again faced with which path they will follow; only the decision this time will be guided by a life’s worth of experience.

Gabriel’s return home finds that there is another war going on; a war for control of the streets, for power over the ordinary people, and for the future of the young; a war conducted by the man who was once like his brother, Raymond.  Bound by his conscience and the honor instilled in him by military service, and with the help of the man who gave him his second chance so long ago, the solider is forced to fight again  – only now his enemy is the man who was once his best friend.  

HONOR is a story of choices and conscience, of duty and morality, of redemption and loss. 

HONOR is a traditional martial arts film in the classic genre, where action is motivated by justice and violence is only within a moral context.

HONOR is a film filled with some of the world’s greatest martial artists engaged in what may be the most spectacular display of genuine martial arts fight scenes within a story that stays faithful to the spirit that embodies the true honor of martial arts.

ASSORTED FIGHTERS —  Culled from the nefarious gangsters and bad guys in this story, these fighters will be true martial artists displaying some of the most amazing and daring fight scenes ever put on film under the direction of the most successful fight director in the world.  Some fight for honor, some for money, some for survival, but all fight for survival.